Healing Sessions for Empowerment

Investment: $250 each session

*Preferred Pricing Available for all Packaged Sessions and Classes


LIFE ACTIVATION - The Change Agent

The Life Activation is the simplest way to bring change into your life.

This modality was created over 3,000 years ago and helps you reconnect with your spiritual purpose. It's a REBOOT for your system.

Life is supposed to be like a romantic comedy. Love. Laughter. Heartbreak. Hardship. To experience the full spectrum of human emotion.

This world wasn't supposed to be full of war, terrorism, and cancer. Since this isn't exactly what we signed up for, our purpose gets lost along the way.

Once we commit to this session, change happens. Things that no longer serve you start falling away. Like relationships, careers, or life long pursuits that just don't feel right anymore. You come home to yourself and find JOY.


The Full Spirit Activation is PART 2 of the Life Activation and it's incredible for emotional freedom.

It allows us to bypass the human attachments to emotions that get us stuck...and make us feel awful.

Full Spirit Activation works with the chakras and the limbic brain. It removes the knee-jerk reaction to cling to emotions instead of letting them flow through you.

See situations for what they really are, instead of what you're being triggered to see. #gamechanger

Emotions are great, but when you choose to be caught up in them instead of allowing them to flow naturally, problems can occur. The Spirit Activation helps you to experience life on a more unattached level and gives you a clearer perspective to make better choices.

You'll feel more alive in your body and be more joyful with a deeper connection to everything around you. Added benefits are sharper awareness, heightened intuition, and better instinctual responses in your everyday life! 

Session: 90 minutes *Life Activation is necessary prior to booking, package pricing available when you schedule together! 


Sick and tired of other people making you sick and tired?

We all have a personal bubble. Some call it the aura. You can TELL when someone is in your personal space. (I'm looking at you close talker...)

When we have interactions with other people, things can get stuck in our personal bubble. Some people even hook into our energy system and drain us like vampires.

Depending on how attached we are to the situations, people, etc. that get stuck, it can last for a looooooong time. Like seven years. #eww

The Aura Clearing leaves you feeling 50 pounds lighter, removes the drama from situations, and restores your personal power. It's great for:

  • Severing toxic connections to people, places, etc.
  • Healing positive, loving relationships
  • Releasing attachment to substances, self-sabotage, etc. (like quitting smoking!)
  • Maintaining high energy levels and repairing any "leaky" energy

Session: 90 minutes


When you experience trauma, shock, or emotional distress, the soul can become fragmented. This leaves you feeling incomplete or with an inability to heal.

This session brings the lost pieces of you back to integrate and heal for good. 

Session: 75-100 minutes


A powerful and simple reading of your spiritual blueprint that can give deeper understanding about your:

  • Life purpose
  • Gifts
  • Ancestral energies
  • Spiritual origin and essence
  • Contracts (family, children, service, etc.)
  • Personal development and mastery
  • Your mind and how it works
  • Obstacles & perspective on overcoming them

*Life Activation is required before receiving this reading

**Empower Thyself Initiation is highly recommended prior to receiving the Life Purpose Reading.

Session: 60 minutes (30 minutes for actual reading, recording provided)


Wanna work with me but live really far away? No problem.

This healing provides phenomenal results for:

  • Stress and emotional upset
  • Physical injury or illness
  • Recent surgery
  • Chronic illness
  • A feeling of 'disconnect' from the Divine or Source energy
  • A traumatic event (witness or direct contact)

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