I help executives and entrepreneurs improve their performance and gain peace of mind with private energy sessions, practical tools and rituals, and advanced meditation techniques.

How did I get here? Flashback to 2012.

What people saw: Top producer with success and recognition. Social network. In control. Work hard. Play harder.

But on the inside: Hot mess. I spent hours at the gym. I was addicted to yoga. My mind never stopped. Restful sleep was impossible. No matter how much fancy wine or smoothies I drank.

Out of nowhere, I became allergic to alcohol. My favorite way to socialize, relax, and numb out was gone.

My sleep got worse. My mind raced constantly. I was exhausted and frustrated. Doctors said it was “stress”.

A mentor suggested Reiki. I thought it was ridiculous, but I was willing to give it a shot. All I wanted was results.

Energy healing flipped my world upside down. 

I realized very quickly that I feel everything. Other peoples’ emotions, the energy of spaces, weather system changes, you name it. I automatically read the energy of every person and situation I encounter. This is why I was so successful, and I didn't even know it. 

This awareness led me to a teacher of an ancient tradition of hidden knowledge and helped me to use these abilities on purpose. And the rest is history.

If you're ready to be in complete control of your life, book your concierge session and let’s talk. 



Jacquelynne R. Maloney is a Certified Guide, Kabbalist, Initiated Celtic Shaman, Healer, Teacher and Magus Hermeticus Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon.

Jacquelynne helps Type-A personalities, entrepreneurs, and executives to de-stress and gain complete control of their energy using ancient rituals and healing techniques, sharing hidden knowledge, and amplifying the willpower through the path of initiation.

Jacquelynne trains extensively in the ancient arts of metaphysics, energy healing, and exorcism with the Modern Mystery School. Her specialty is clearing negative energy in spaces and people and has worked with clients internationally since 2013.


The Modern Mystery School is an incredible community of lightworkers that operates in 56 countries throughout the world. There are hundreds of published articles from our worldwide community available here.