Meet Jack.


After five years of some serious soul-searching - and learning every modality I could get my hands on - I finally launched this business to help women fearlessly move forward in their lives as the best version of themselves.

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Wanna know the full story?

I’m a recovering Type-A personality. I spent all my free time reading sales books and identifying my weaknesses so that I could tackle them head on. I was determined to become the best salesperson. Period.

I was an overachiever in every sense of the word. Work hard. Play harder.

No stranger to martini lunches and wine-drenched corporate dinners. I would stumble into yoga class (and oftentimes work), bleary eyed from the night before.

I experienced headaches and migraines on a daily basis. I was anxious. I had trouble sleeping. I was a hot mess.

The consensus from various medical professionals considered the culprit to be stress. So, I self-medicated. (A lot.)

After years of practicing, my yoga evolved from a physical activity to an introspective journey of awareness. All those sales books turned into self-help books. 

If I could be a better ME, I could be a better EVERYTHING.

Before I knew what was happening, I signed up for yoga teacher training and began diving into healing modalities.

When working with EFT (tapping) did nothing for me, I sought professional guidance (because professionals hire professionals, yo).

At the repeated suggestion of a mentor, I got attuned to Reiki - despite thinking at the time it was utter bullshit.

Little did I know that this would be my personal Red Pill decision.

You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
— Morpheus, The Matrix

I'm sure can guess which one I chose.

And so began my journey into the rabbit-hole: learning (read: devouring) every energy psychology and healing modality I could get my hands on.

I took classes in Usui Reiki, Tapas Acupressure Technique, Jaffe-Mellor Technique, Integrated Energy Therapy, and was a sponge for anything energy related.

I mentored with an internationally renowned mind-body healer for over a year.

I slowly unraveled how all those feelings of anxiety or body aches weren’t my own. This forced me to pay attention. To check in with myself through the day. To play the game of “Whose Energy Is It?!” (Cue game show music.)

I decided I was willing to suck at being an intuitive to hone my skills. (To my surprise, I didn’t suck at all.)

When scanning for energetic influences, I learned that my body has been preparing me for this work my entire life.

My body is a natural processor of energy. A machine that signals when something is off.

Space clearing gave me a frame of reference for all those “migraines” and mystery ailments.

I was initiated into the Lineage of King Solomon in October of 2013 and was given access to ancient tools and rituals for healing and empowerment. Something inside of me screamed that this was what I needed to do, even though I had no idea what I was doing.

So much so that I was in Toronto three weeks later learning the sacred modality called Life Activation.

I honestly didn’t appreciate the power of these tools at the time. I was so “green” to the healing world that I was convinced I needed to try EVERYTHING. I was so hungry for that experience.

After the other 'new-agey' methods left me unimpressed, I dedicated myself to learning and studying almost exclusively within the Lineage.

The power of these tools are like none other on the planet. You can see true progression happening in the people who are walking the path.

They aren’t stuck in the same stories. They make significant changes in their lives with their family, romantic relationships, and have true joy.

I use these tools everyday to protect myself, my space, and my clients.

When I left my corporate job in 2014, I made the "safe and responsible" decision to study Chinese medicine. I wasn't quite ready to own being a healer, intuitive, or anything of that nature.

At the same time, I began studying the Nine Star Ki, an ancient art form that explains personality, characteristics, motivations, and even physical traits based on the five elements. It's the foundation of Chinese medicine and Feng Shui that dates back thousands of years.

The information I gained studying Traditional Chinese Medicine directly supplemented my study of the Nine Star Ki and gave me a deeper understanding of how the elements work on a physical and energetic level.

Using the ancient lineage tools and the five elements, I help people own their power and re-establish flow by working with their energy, and not against it.

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Jacquelynne “Jack”  Maloney helps successful, spiritual seekers command their desires into existence by strengthening their personal power, harnessing their elemental nature, and releasing stuck energy.

Jack is a Certified Guide, Kabbalist, Initiated Celtic Shaman, Healer, and Teacher in the Lineage of King Solomon. She uses ancient tools and rituals to support her clients in becoming the most powerful version of themselves. Jack is trained in exorcism as an initiated Magus Hermeticus (Third Step Ritual Master) and weaves the physical and energetic concepts of the five elements into her sessions.

After road-tripping much of the US and Canada in a teeny-tiny travel trailer with her favorite little guy, she settled in Toronto and immersed herself in training at the Western World MMS Headquarters. When Jack couldn't stay any longer (without marrying some young Canadian) she came back to the Boston area. Loki comes to most of her sessions, assists with initiations and classes, and provides ambient snoring to hold the energy.


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