I help executives and entrepreneurs enhance their performance and peace of mind using concierge private sessions, practical tools and rituals, and advanced meditation techniques.

Me in 2012:  Top producer. Success. Recognition. Social network. Work hard. Play harder.

But on the inside: Hot mess. Hours at the gym. Addicted to yoga. In control - but not. My mind never stopped. Restful sleep? Impossible. No matter how much fancy wine or smoothies I drank.

Out of nowhere, I became allergic to alcohol. My favorite way to socialize, relax, and numb out was gone.

My sleep got worse. My mind raced. I was exhausted and frustrated. Doctors said it was “stress”.

A mentor suggested Reiki. I thought it was ridiculous. All I wanted was results, but I was willing to give it a shot.

Energy healing flipped my world upside down. I realized that I feel everything. Emotions. Energies. Weather systems. I automatically read the energy of every person and situation I encounter. This is why I was so successful, and I didn't even know it. 

This awareness led me to a teacher of an ancient tradition of hidden knowledge.

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