• Effortless application of your strengths

  • Deeper, more satisfying relationships

  • Perfectly timed interviews, classes, business deals and vacations


Give me an hour and you'll become a ninja in business and social relations.

Uncover your innate elemental superpowers and instantly upgrade your life. My free video training Discover Your Elemental Blueprint Series is designed to give you a jump start.

Find your primary elemental nature and learn how to navigate your current year.

We have different primary types, based on the five elements, that require different approaches to everyday life.

  • Wood jumps out of bed in the morning

  • Water hits "snooze" to linger in a dreamy state

  • Fire moves and thinks FAST

  • Metal analyzes every detail

  • Earth loves home-cooked meals and creature comforts

These primary natures are like operating systems. They have preferred software to run smoothly.

When you're doing something that's against your nature, it's like loading unsupported software on your operating system. And it crashes. 

Learn the basics of your primary nature in the FREE Elemental Blueprint Series or schedule a session with me to learn more.

You have THREE facets to your Elemental Blueprint which outline your tendencies of:

  • Motivations behind your everyday life - rhythm, habits, quirks

  • Response under stress

  • Approach to relationships

  • Behavior in the workplace

  • Relationship with finances 

  • Sensitivity to the environment (food, allergies, noise, etc.)

  • Tidiness and organization

  • Creativity through arts and music

  • Clothing and Image

The Elemental Blueprint gives you the framework to be powerful and balanced.

In this Session you'll learn simple, powerful techniques to work with your Elemental Blueprint:

  • WHO YOU ARE, your elemental superpower (and your kryptonite)

  • WHY you're prone to certain behavior patterns and tools to maintain healthy boundaries

  • HOW to naturally feed your energy to stay balanced

  • WHAT to focus on over the next six months (group programs, speaking, book writing, etc.)

  • WHEN to be the most productive (and profitable!) while avoiding burnout, sickness, and emotional distress

How Does This Work?


  • Reserve your session and complete intake form

  • Make payment of $250 upon confirmation of appointment


  • We meet via Zoom for 75 minutes

  • We'll uncover the three facets of your Elemental Blueprint

  • Give you a deeper understanding with hidden nuances via face reading

  • Outline strategies, tips, and tricks to navigate your current elemental year and give you a six-month play-by-play forecast

After you'll receive: 

  • An MP3 recording of your session.

  • Action Steps to keep your elemental self in balance.


What is the Nine Star Ki and Face Reading?

The Nine Star Ki is an ancient form of astrology, based on the Five Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal). It's the foundation of Chinese medicine and Feng Shui that dates back thousands of years.

Face Reading was used as an ancient diagnostic tool in Chinese Medicine, and can be utilized to uncover hidden characteristics of a person.

Using this knowledge, and the influences of the yearly and monthly elemental lenses, I have a deeper understanding of what makes me feel balanced, solid, and grounded.

My relationships are better. My business is more profitable. My quality of life has been SERIOUSLY upleveled. And my clients share the same results!

Understanding the Nine Star Ki can help you make the best of your elemental nature and enhance your personal and business relationships. It also provides guidance for when and how to poise your offerings and also when to pull your resources in.


It's wild and unlike anything else.

Yes guys, Jacquelynne’s insights are truly, truly helpful in navigating what's up in a way that's mind boggling.

For instance, I was dizzy and she nailed it. It was my "water year" so she sent me a worksheet on what I needed to do to respect that energy and my dizziness went away. 

Jessica Sunshine Christian
Photograph Your Brand
Florida, USA

Working with Jacquelynne has been nothing short of incredible!

She has an intuitive sense that is only matched by the level of joy and passion that she brings!

Each [Elemental Blueprint] session helps you to simultaneously feel amazing about who you are while understanding where the opportunity is in your life.

If you have the opportunity to work with Jacquelynne, jump on it immediately!

Sean Carey, D.C.
Precision Chiropractic
Newburyport, MA