Give yourself a clean slate to support the healing process.

Clearing the energy of your home allows for expansion and integration, restful sleep, and even better sex. #yeahbaby


Remote House Clearing

While lots of space clearings focus on entities and things that go 'bump' in the night, this is much more practical.

This clearing removes influences of:

  • Stagnant Qi
  • Geomagnetic (Earth) Stress
  • Electromagnetic and Microwave Frequencies

Rates start at $2,499

Includes 1 year of monitoring and tune-ups when necessary


All our stuff gets stuck in our homes.

Patterns, limiting beliefs, and emotions, oh my!

Not to mention the influences from Mother Earth.

Earth energies have an interesting ability to anchor in certain patterns, emotions, etc. These are different for every person and every home, but it happens.

So not only are you dealing with your own're at the whim of earth energies as well.

When we attempt massive shifts, the vibrational difference makes us physically uncomfortable. We’re talking headaches, illness, you name it.

Luckily, I can fix that. ;)

The benefits to having your house cleared are:

  • Inspiration and motivation to tackle (and finish!) big projects
  • Clutter piles disappear
  • Deeper and more restful sleep
  • Eliminates self sabotage
  • Supports your personal healing work by laying a solid, clean foundation
  • Promotes growth and expansion
  • Releases old thought patterns (and physical patterns…like the path to the cookie jar or fridge)
  • Re-ignites the spark in your relationship…or clears the air since your last relationship. Literally.
  • Enhances Feng Shui, sacred space, healing rooms, crystal grids, sacred geometry and temple spaces
  • Calmer, more peaceful family dynamic and relaxed animals (sibling rivalry and barking be gone!)
  • Stronger, healthier plants
  • Healthy boundaries with tenants and neighbors
  • Enticing environment for prospective buyers

When you and your home are in flow, you will feel unstoppable.


Humans are much more sensitive creatures than we give ourselves credit for. When a space doesn't feel quite right, it's hard for to thrive.

Your entire home gets scanned and cleared of:


1) STAGNANT QI: Stuck 'people' energy

Emotions and patterns can get imprinted into a space, making it feel heavy and draining the energy of its residents.


2) GEOMAGNETIC STRESS: Earth Influence

Earth energies make people feel unsafe, restless, and interrupt normal sleeping patterns.

How do you know you have a negative influence of an Earth line? CLUTTER.

Anywhere you have a surplus of clutter in the home, you can almost bet that you've got Earth energies influencing the area.

Earth energies include Faulting Pressure, Naturally Occurring Underground Water, and Negative Magnetic Lines.

These geomagnetic stresses even have the ability to hook into our emotional patterns, which in turn causes more stagnant qi, and creates a vicious cycle.



Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) can originate from appliances, the wiring in the home, or even nearby power lines. 

High levels of EMFs can make people feel wigged out and unsafe.

Microwave Frequencies come from Wi-Fi routers, microwave ovens, cell phones, and are just a nuisance to your well-being.



BEFORE you send me:

  • Floor plans of entire living space of your home including major appliances (fridge, hot water heater, etc.), big furniture like beds and couches, and heavily used areas

  • Residents of home: first names and relationship to you

  • Any specific incidences that have impacted you living in this space


DURING the basics of what I do remotely:

  • Scan and clear house for negative effects of the below using your beautiful blueprint:

    • Stagnant Qi (physical and emotional energy left from the current and prior residents)

    • Earth Energies (Faulting Pressure, Negative Magnetic Lines, and Underground Water)

    • Electromagnetic and Microwave energies

  • All Residents get a clearing as well (Pets too!)


AFTER the clearing is done:

  • You get a detailed report on the house and resident clearings

  • On-Call Support up over the first 3-4 weeks to support the process

  • Availability to contact me throughout the year to keep a luxuriously clean and clear home that LASTS



House Blessing & Sacred Geometry Grids

Using ancient shamanic techniques, crystals and sacred geometry, your home will be transformed into a clear, temple space. These are only done in-person and quoted on a case-by-case basis.


I reached out to Jacquelynne not having a clue what house clearing was. I had tried EVERYTHING. Out of despair, a whole new world opened up for me and my family. 

I’m a science brain. All things logical. I felt a little crazy telling no one except my husband that I was doing this clearing. Today all I can say is…results, results, results! 

In 2012, just seven months after buying our dream waterfront home, we lost it - and everything in it - to Hurricane Sandy. 

But that’s not the twisted part of my reaching out to clear this recurring “house mess” thing I felt stuck with.

I never had a sense of home. My parents foreclosed on their house when I was young. My husband and I were evacuated from our NYC apartment years prior in Hurricane Irene. Even the trailer we lived in after the storm was condemned for ants and mold. We moved into an apartment for the remainder of the Hurricane Sandy renovations where the dishwasher, central vac, and air conditioning broke.

Part of me thought, whatever “this” is, is just going to follow me. I felt cursed. I was at my worst mentally, exhausted physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Even though we restored our home, every brand new appliance broke. The new front door, three faulty dishwashers, TV, dryer, washing machine, another small dishwasher. Defective. They all just broke. My brand new state of the art cook top - just stopped working! No explanation.

We were so happy to be home, yet it felt so empty and broken. None of us were sleeping. My dogs were literally pacing through the night. Being in the house - as beautiful as we made it - was uncomfortable. I was worried that after 2.5 long years of renovations we would be forced to sell and just get out of there. 

I was blown away by the shift in my life. It was like a huge weight was lifted! I can’t explain the heaviness and anxiety that was plaguing my family.  

I am forever indebted to Jacquelynne. Everything about my family’s home life is completely different. Nothing is breaking. No more service calls. Everyone is sleeping.

There’s a new calm, not just in our home, but in ourselves. I 1000% wholeheartedly attribute this to Jacquelynne’s work. It’s a beautiful gift and I am so happy I took that leap of faith!

Melissa Argentina-Toro, Long Island, NY