Feeling disconnected, numb, or apathetic?

Life happens. You lose a bit of your passion and motivation.

Sometimes you don't realize the flow is gone until it grinds to a halt.

All this blocked and stuck energy leaves you feeling exhausted.

Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually.

I hear you. And I can help.

Get SPARKED back to life.

The Spark of Life reconnects you to the original divine spark and returns you to a place of balance, love, and joy.

Why do I call it "On-Demand"?

Because it happens in the comfort of your own home. On your schedule. No need to get dressed. #nopantsrequired

When you awake from this session, you'll feel blissed out, restored, and rejuvenated.

This is the only remote healing in the Lineage of King Solomon. And it's incredible.

So why does energy stop flowing in the first place?

  • Stress

  • Emotional upset or trauma

  • Illness - especially when you're suffering from chronic symptoms

  • Physical Injury

  • Surgery

  • You can even (unconsciously) cut yourself off to detach from a traumatic situation or event.


This healing provides phenomenal results for:

  • Stress and emotional upset

  • Physical injury or illness

  • Recent surgery

  • Chronic illness

  • A feeling of 'disconnect' from the Divine or Source energy

  • A traumatic event (witness or direct contact)

This entire session takes 60 minutes and is performed remotely.

The Spark of Life tends to knock people out – in the best way possible! – so it's highly recommended to take a nap afterwards or to schedule this just before bedtime.



  • Once payment is submitted, you'll receive a link to book in my calendar.

  • Schedule an uninterrupted hour just before bedtime. This healing can be intense!

  • We'll connect via email/FB so I know exactly where to direct the energy during your session.


  • I'll contact you a few minutes prior to make sure you're ready.

  • The entire session is done remotely while you relax. There's no communication during the process, just relaxation and healing.

  • Make sure your session is completely distraction-free. This time is for you to heal, no multi-tasking allowed! ;)


  • You receive a note immediately after with any feedback that comes through with how to best integrate this energy.

  • I'll be 'on-call' for a few days if anything funky goes on.

Wanna book a Spark of Life?

If you dig it, upgrade within 72 hours of your healing for the 3 session pricing!


Need some intensive healing?

All 3 sessions must be used within 4-6 weeks.