I'm here to help YOU to KNOW THYSELF.

Connect to the core of your being and unlock your greatest superpower by whole-heartedly owning WHO YOU ARE.

Awaken your true self by mastering your innate nature, using practical tools and rituals, clearing stuck energy, and walking the sacred path of initiation.



Private Sessions: Clearing & Healings

Private healing sessions bring you back to your true (badass) self.   

Let go of all that ish that doesn't serve you: attachments, limiting beliefs, destructive patterns, etc.

Space Clearing & House Blessings

Give yourself a clean slate to support your healing process.

Clearing the energy of the home allows for expansion and integration, restful sleep, and even better sex. ;)

Master the Self: Ancient Art of Initiation

Initiation into the Lineage of King Solomon isn't a class or a workshop.

Seriously upgrade your ability to hold light, dial up your will and empowerment, and be more YOU.


I felt like the cloudiness has been lifted and my energy is back! 

My life has been upgraded and everything I was working on has come to fruition. If you get the chance to work with Jacquelynne, TAKE IT!” 

Susan Ferraro
Mindset Coach & Creator of EASY PEASY LOA™

 Susan Ferraro

Susan Ferraro