Maintain peak performance and gain peace of mind with concierge healing sessions, practical tools, and advanced meditation techniques.

Stack the deck everyday using ancient tools and wisdom to stay a step ahead.

Private Sessions: Clearing & Healings

Private healing sessions done at your location to enhance your performance.

These sessions help you fine tune your awareness, get over addictive and destructive patterns, etc.

Home | Office Clearings & Blessings

Give yourself a clean slate to support your healing process.

Clearing and blessing the energy of your home allows for abundance, restful sleep, and even better sex.

Master the Self: Ancient Art of Initiation

Initiation into the Lineage of King Solomon isn't a class or a workshop.

Learn how to have complete control of your energy and make an even bigger impact on the world.



I felt like the cloudiness has been lifted and my energy is back!

My life has been upgraded and everything I was working on has come to fruition. If you get the chance to work with Jacquelynne, TAKE IT!” 

Susan Ferraro
Mindset Coach & Creator of EASY PEASY LOA™

 Susan Ferraro

Susan Ferraro