Greetings from the Cave (Hoodie)!

After spending the past two months completely out of commission, I'm feeling extremely frustrated with my progress this year.  

This past week I've struggled with a much less sunny disposition than usual and internally freaking out about what to do next. How to approach life/business/everything that came to a screeching halt without getting overwhelmed. 

I'm in a wind year that's hilariously dubbed "spring cleaning by way of natural disaster".

Everything - and I mean everything - is popping up to distract me. And stuff that isn't working is being blown to bits. #RIPoldwebsite

The natural inclination is to push...but that ain't gonna work. 

Common sense says, if you've been sick for two months and worrying about income/clients/building classes that it's time to WORK. 

But. Elementally....

If I don't take care of myself the way a cave month/wind year requires, I'll get lots of 'opportunities' (i.e. obstacles/challenges/illnesses) to slow the eff down. 

Being in the month of the "cave" means lots of hibernating. A tendency towards grumpiness. Extreme self-care. Doing the hard inner work to make big shifts next month. And hoodies. #truestory

So my new routine looks like this:

Every morning, I ask myself: How can I really love myself today?

This morning, it was going back to bed.

Even though I was awake at 5:30 this morning, my inner guidance told me to go back to sleep.

So I did. Until 10:30. #anditwasglorious

Then I worked out. And took a bath. 

And guess what?

My brain is flooded with ideas again. My creativity is through the roof. I have real motivation to finish and upload my new training videos on the five elements. #betterlatethannever

Using the elements to understand your own nature and year is a grounded and practical way to approach everything from a case of the sads, romantic relationships, business launches, and even planning vacations.

I'm excited to do these new videos and help you navigate the energy that you're experiencing.

And don't worry… The new elemental year just started on February 4th, so you're only two months in. #fistbump

So that's where I've been hiding. Who knows, maybe I'll even do the videos in a hoodie. ;) #babysteps

But isn't the new website gorgeous?

And seriously, if you aren't asking how you can love yourself everyday, START. Total game changer.