Yes, it's a pretty name.

Yes, alchemy is awesome. 

But it's just not ME. 

Quite fitting for my Fire month.

Fire is the glorious ending of the cycle. Fire is passion, joy, sex, love, and excitement.

Fire is also the time of ENDINGS.

Fire begs us to ask the questions:

  • What was awesome over the past 9 months?
  • What can I do better?
  • What do I need to release?

Fire inspires you to declutter and support those dreamy new beginnings in creative Water.

I started identifying as 'The Energy Alchemist' a few years back and initially I LOVED it. It felt magical and transformative, and served me well.

I've outgrown that role and it no longer feels good to wear. In truth, it's downright confining.

So I'm putting on something a little more comfortable.

Because what feels sexy to me is being my authentic self.

No restrictive label or title. No rules. Just ME.

And don't worry...all my stuff has always been in my name, so you won't have any problem finding me. ;)


Are you taking advantage of your current month?

Everyone is in the energy of their Primary Elemental Nature throughout the month of May.

Don't know how to find it? Check out this chart.