What does Marie Kondo have to do with Energy? Well...everything.

I finally KonMari’d my wardrobe. #thanksnetflix

Decluttering is definitely not a foreign concept to me. I’ve thrown away 90% of my stuff *twice* since 2014. Between moving to FL and road tripping, I was the Queen of minimalism.

But there’s a difference between minimalism for efficiency and assessing your belongings for sparking JOY. The latter is a total game-changer. Marie Kondo - my current muse - is the creator of the KonMari method, has written four books about this very subject and recently released a (binge-worthy) Netflix show. I’ve known about her method for years and finally got the inspration after watching several of her episodes.

I'm still minimalistic and I purposefully only bring things into my home that are beautiful and I absolutely LOVE. I have some naked walls but lots of gorgeous plants to compensate.

I went through my clothing with the mentality of only allowing things that spark JOY and are beautiful. I’ve felt a little stuck and was intent on clearing my energy and preparing for the year ahead.

Some people (like me!) are more sensitive to their environment than others. Clutter drives me bonkers...and looking at my clothes wasn’t providing me this level of satisfaction before.

Why?! It’s all about the ENERGY.

Clutter is the result of unmade decisions. Clutter pulls on my energy and it feels AWFUL. It’s easier to move on after you’ve made the decision to let go or not.

Clutter and disorder block energy flow. By removing the clutter, I can feel spaciousness. Things start to move again and I can get out of my own way.

Releasing well-loved items makes the space for upgrades. I said good-bye to a few absolutely cherished but too-worn-to-look-respectable-anymore items. Instead of mourning the loss, I’m excited to replace them with new favorites.

BEAUTY and JOY prime the system for inspiration. By making my new baseline one of beauty and joy, I have automatically shifted my energy into a higher vibration.

Now my entire wardrobe supports me operating at a higher level and everything I own is one of my favorite things to wear. My mood is amazing and I feel completely supported with abundance and bringing in even more of what I absolutely love.

This simple act of “tidying up” has helped me shift into a new mindset where I’m bursting with ideas, inspiration, and an increased capacity to take on new projects.

If your energy feels off, try tidying up. And find out what sparks your joy!