How would you react if a total stranger tried to buy you gas?

Because that just happened. And she turned it down.

I gave a $20 bill to the attendant and asked him to give it to the woman on the other side. That I wanted to buy her gas.

He couldn't comprehend what I was doing at first. Then he smirked and walked over - excited to give someone a gift!

He came back deflated. She used the excuse that she already swiped her card. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I said, "You can always give it to the next person!"

He didn't seem thrilled with that suggestion, so I changed my mind.

I told HIM to keep it.

His face absolutely melted into child like wonder, and he told me he loved me.

If I wasn't sitting in the car, I probably would've gotten a hug.

How do I know he didn't spend his last couple bucks getting to work? Or that he'd completely given up on humanity this morning?

A simple act of generosity can turn everything around.

$20 isn't going to break the bank for me today....but it could've not too long ago.

(Been there, done that. Would've bought the T-shirt, but I couldn't afford it.)

Last month I decided to implement a new way of using money to make the world a better place.

Inspired by my amazingly brilliant friend Matt Cone, he downloaded this idea a couple years ago and has been putting it into practice ever since. And his cup overfloweth.

It's called The Abundance Model.

The concept is simple. Take 30% of your income and allocate it equally to:

1) People who need it
2) Causes you believe in
3) Making magic happen

Simple, but definitely not easy.

It takes some adjusting, but this practice forces your proverbial cup to overflow. By virtue of necessity, your income will increase naturally. Abundance, baby!

I'm using the debt transformation version to start. I still deduct 30% off the top, but the breakdown is a bit different.

24% of my income goes to straight to paying off debt.

That leaves 2% each to People, Causes, and Magic.

2% might not sound like much, but remember the 25% donation I pledged to DOVE for May? Well my 2% from June is BIGGER. So yeah, this shit works.

I even built a spreadsheet to keep track. #nerdalert

We're all a lot more abundant than we realize.

If you have food in the fridge, gas in your tank, and people who love you, you can probably afford to help somebody out.

Buy someone a coffee. Pay for someone's lunch. If they let you, buy them a tank of gas.

Like my friend Alex says, you can't go broke by giving.

And make sure you're ready to receive...because the gifts come back tenfold. ❤️